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it is mentioned that lavu now supports passbook, but there is no info anywhere on how to implement, what it would be capable of doing, how to do it, etc etc. It would be good however to create a loyalty card based on the customer info database, create an image and details in the passbook card from the management system.  Be able to create maybe 10 different types of cards.  Use Fence alert, or push information to the passbook users and create some marketing campaings based on passbook.  Maybe make it just for Gold or Plat users??


Also, the customer database would need to grow and have a lot of info (facebook, twitter, work email, personal email, linkedin, work address, personal address, CC, etc)



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Hello Mr. Romero, 


We are going to introduce Passbook integration soon, and we'll have documentation on what it will be able to do with POS Lavu. Passbook is going to be a great partnership for POS Lavu and POS Lavu Clients. Please stay tuned. 


We are also working on the best ways to include a customer database to the software. This is another big feature that is exciting, and will be a great draw for our clients. 


David Miles 



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