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“A million things to talk about,†is the motto and direct translation of Laanlao restaurant, located in Sisaket Thailand. “I love to collect classic memorabilia,†owner Mr. Boy said. “I decided to open Laanlao so I could share all the stuff that I’ve collected with people who have the same interests that I do.†

The restaurant’s decor is unique, featuring old movie posters, paintings of rock stars and guitars, and a life sized Spider Man replica scaling the wall. Mr. Boy said, “I wanted to create a place that my friends could come and enjoy. The first floor is set for dining, while the second floor is for a drinking and chilling place. We have sofas scattered everywhere so people can drink and hang out.†

“Lavu makes it easy to check everything in my restaurant,†Mr. Boy continues. “I have a lot of business and sometimes I don’t stay in my restaurant.†Along with remote access, Mr. Boy likes the ease of Lavu POS. “The system is easy to use, and reduces mistakes our staff could make using paper and pens. Lavu POS is a very cool system.†

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