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“We have a fisherman in the family, and he knows how to cook fish, so our food is fresh! †said Mr. Nu, owner of Je Kiew Seafood.

“Our restaurant is located beside the beach, so our customers can enjoy a beautiful view while they enjoy fresh seafood.â€

“We live in Hua Hin, a beautiful beach town in Thailand,†he said. According to Nu, tourists love to visit, but once they settle in they don’t want to leave, even to get a good meal. “Visitors began to ask my sister ‘Je Kiew’ to cook for them, after tasting her delicious recipes.†Apparently the news of her exceptional cooking spread quickly. 

“We began with deliveries only,†added Nu, “but demand was great so we decided to open a restaurant. We chose the name ‘Je Kiew Seafood’ because it is a family business.†Ten years later, the restaurant is more popular than ever. 

Mr. Nu selected Lavu iPad POS because he needed a fast system to improve service. He soon learned that the Lavu inventory and sales reports were what helped his business the most. “We learned what our best sellers were and can now estimate how many dishes we should prepare each day. This helps us keep our food as fresh as we can make it.â€

If you visit Hua Hin, be sure to stop in for some local cuisine.

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