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I own a fast pace full service restaurant that prints new menus daily. This means menu items are frequently put on a count (or 86 tracker as you would call it). It would be incredibly useful if it was possible to easily and quickly put in a count on an item from the front end (aka the iPad app) instead of having to access the item through the back end (website)... toggle on 86 tracker... and then put the count it. By the time you get around to going through all of these steps, the item could have already been 86ed. And what if the manager isn't on the floor the very second a count is called? Over selling items is embarrassing and very unprofessional. It was so seamlessly easy with our last POS and the feature I miss the most! Please add this feature!!!!


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Please, this seems such a basic feature which I'm sure almost every user would use daily. 

Having to 86 items from the backend is absolutely useless to most users. Menus can be huge and stock levels can change daily therefore it is not any use for, what I would imagine, most venues. 

Simply allowing any user (or perhaps admin only) or 86 an item from the management tools would be extremely valuable to us.

However, even if this feature did get added, we wouldn't be able to use it as we are still stuck on retro version 2.14 until Lavu sorts the huge issues still hanging around 3.0+ then we will be stuck on this version for the foreseeable future. 


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