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Today was our first official Day running our Pizzeria 100% on LAVU. We are pretty excited about using Lavu POS, our prior systems have all been old school cash registers. We have been in business 14yrs. Our first two attempts with another POS systems and Hybrid Cash register were complete failures that failed to launch. So today was a first for us! We look forward to the DATA this POS appears to be able to make available to us. Any bits of advise and recommendations anyone can make will be greatly appreciated. As for our first day, it went pretty good and smoother than I expected, Lets see what tomorrow brings! 


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I have been using Lavu for the past 2 years and I can tell you that you have made a good choice as far as customisation goes. I have looked at other POS systems whilst being on Lavu and I can tell you that none quite come close to the functionality that Lavu has. 

If you are doing any table service, really encourage your servers to take the ordering device to the table and start using it! I use iPad Minis and find them to be awesome.


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