East African Inspiration- Kahawa Cafe

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Coming from years in the insurance business, Nooreen and Jason opened Kahawa Cafe to have the opportunity to have fun and just be themselves every day.

"It has been an amazing journey, one which we are so glad we took. Despite setbacks, hu

rdles and bumps, we dusted ourselves off and kept going -- and we have never looked back! Having a successful profitable business is an amazing feeling," said Jason about the experience. "Plus, we have given our customers an opportunity to sample some authentic East African food!"

Nooreen was born in Mombasa off the coast of Kenya, so the East African inspiration for Kahawa Cafe was natural as well as authentic.

Soon after opening, they realized that the old cash register was not able to cope with all the food and drink options they provided. The couple began researching current POS technologies to bring their business to a professional level. "POS Lavu has helped to streamline orders for the barista, the chef, and for front of house staff by eliminating time taken to explain orders," reports Jason. "Doing so has also eliminated order errors."

Jason can attest to the value in hiring a trained professional to handle the POS system install and configuration. "My Mac provided immediate support for me in the setup process. They were always there, always reliable, always knowledgeable, and made the install an easy process. We definitely would recommend Aron and My Mac to any business starting up or looking to take it to the next level."


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