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Do I really need LLS


Hi there, I have been speaking to a reseller who told me that I can still send orders to kitchen in the event of our internet connection dropping without LLS.


I thought that this was the point in LLS but maybe I have been wrong.


Can someone please clarify what advanatges there are to having LLS?


Plus our reseller has assured me that there are no speed benifits to having LLS. We have a 50Mb down and 5 - 6 up, would we notice any difference running LLS?


Thanks in advance.


Michael White


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Hi Michael,


I have just switched from LLS back to the cloud. I have found this to be faster than the LLS in my circumstance. I have an ADSL2 connection (20/1) with a 4G backup. If you don't want to spend the extra money for the mac mini etc and have great WIFI coverage you won't need the LLS. POS lavu also has an offline mode which stores the transactions on the iPad until the connection is restored.




Marc Brown


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Hello Michael,

Here are some of the advantages of LLS that I found. I pulled this off of Lavu's support website at support.lavu.com---

"LLS is a dedicated server installed on a Mac Mini computer. Since the server is setup in-house, your business can continue operating even when there is no Internet connection to the cloud servers, like during an Internet “outage”. As soon as the connection to the cloud server is restored, all of the latest sales data will be automatically uploaded and synced.

Not every Lavu customer needs LLS, but also lists a few reasons you may want to consider it for your business:

Improved performance due to on-site server.

Fail-safe backup to ensure non-credit card orders are always processed regardless of Internet connection.

Independence from your slow or inconsistent Internet connection.

Your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) occasionally drops your internet connection.

The nature of cloud computing is inherently at the mercy of your internet connections stability and speed."

While I am unsure if it would increase your speeds, being that you seem to have good speeds, LLS does have it's advantages. Even the fastest internet connections have issues sometimes, such as outages. LLS also helps larger locations that have multiple devices that are running at the same time. Larger restaurants utilize more devices, which LLS helps run more smoothly, even with good internet speeds.

Morgan Murr

Lavu Specialist





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