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Pablo Gomez

Considering POS LAVU for a new restaurant


I'm starting a new restaurant in 7-8 months and I'm considering POS Lavu to be my pos system.

I've been doing some research online, and there are some software issues that have been pointed out by other users and reviewers.
I realy like pos lavu, but these are my main concerns:
1) Is PosLavu easy to use on IPOD touch? I read some comments saying that it's pretty difficult to take orders using the ipod. Splitting the check is said to be troublesome too. Is there any video review of Lavu working on an IPOD?
2)Do I need a specific router in order to guarantee the efficiency of the network? Do I need a 4g backup?
3)Are Idynamo credit card readers reliable enough to work without a backup pin pad reader?
4)Do I need an Ipad connected to each cash drawer or are they connected to the printers?
5) Bugs. Is that problem solved in the 2.3.5 version?
Thank you.




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Hello Pablo,


Thank you for your post!



Lavu is quite user friendly on the iPod Touch. Some do not like how the software operates on a smaller screen while others use iPod Touches regularly for tableside ordering. It depends on preference.


For splitting checks, we have had some feature requests on how to better split a check in different ways. We have taken in these requests and sent them to our development team. Improvements to how checks are split will be coming in future versions of Lavu.


We do not have a video specifically showing how the iPod touch operates however I do have a video about our KDS that shows the iPod touch being used for order entry. Please see the link below.




Lavu recommends a Apple Airport Extreme wireless router to setup your network. You may choose to use a 4G back up if you would like to as well. Another option is a CradlePoint with 3G/4G capabilities. This will provide you with a wireless network and a 3G/4G back up if needed.


For credit card readers, Lavu recommends using the Infinea Tab. We have found these to be the most stable and reliable card swipers.


Your iPads will not connect directly to the cash drawer. The cash drawer will physically be connected to the printer and the printer will be hardwired to the router. Communication goes from the iPad to the printer via wireless internet and from the printer to the cash drawer via cable. You do have the ability to change which printer and cash drawer set up the iPad prints to.

Version 2.3.5 is one of the best versions Lavu has released and resolved many issues for users. We have implemented a rigorous testing schedule for testing future versions to prevent as many bugs as possible.
If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our sales team at 855-767-5288 or sales@poslavu.com.
Lavu Team

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