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We are told by support that there are NO POS Lavu supported sticker printers.  How are you doing mixed drink orders at your restaurants?  We are trying the wet receipt but on the plastic cups it slides.  Beyond that, it doesn't look nearly as professional as a nice clean label with the drink order.

What we need on the receipts is the drink, modifiers, date/time and name on the order.

Does anybody have a suggestion?


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Two ply paper sticks better to the cups as it is thinner and will still give the drink maker a copy as well. We have looked at a label printer from Epson that will print a sticky label. The cost is $495 retail and cost for a roll of label paper runs about $0.03 per receipt, so it becomes costly. If you still are interested reach out and we will order for you.

MPI Lavu Sales Team

Lavu Specialist 


MPI Online Store  


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