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Di Yu

Bug Report For Lavu Gift


Hi Lavu Team,

During the first day of using Lavu Gift function, we found a couple of bug for the lavu gift function and we'd like to share with Lavu Team for the further development.

1. Major Bug: During the Sale of the gift card, the reload procedure is before the checkout, if the cashier cancel the order or void the check , the money will not be removed from the gift card account which means anyone can load whatever amount of money they want without paying. This bug can be used by employees for stealing.

2. Gift card revenue tacking. I noticed that in advance setting, you have a option for "Gift Revenue Tracked", but looks like it has no thing to do with lavu gift card. Currently when people purchase lavu gift card, it will be count as sales and we they redeem the value, it will be count again. This makes sales report looks very nice but no for real.

3. Maybe add a phone number Verification or a password?   At this moment when using Lavu Gift Card, you only need to swipe the card or type in the card number, but in my case, all card numbers are continuous,which means that a customer can easily guess other people's card number and tell the cashier to use that number. or in the worst case they can use a magnetic writer to change the number in the card magnetic strip ( I guess the content in the magnetic strip is not encrypted ). So if you can let customer put their phone number or pick a four digit password and use the card like a debit card, it will be much safer.

4. Refund. At this moment, we can only refund the customer manually, using the "admin.lavu.com/webgift" It will be really helpful if you can make it automatic.


Di Yu

A Plus Restaurant & Entertainment




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I agree with Di Yu on all points. 

We did a gift card test sale of $50 and $10 on a gift card but voided the $10 prior to the collection of the money. The current process loads the gift card prior to any cash receipt/payment so $50 was loaded on the card then $10 was loaded on the card for a total of $60 on the card. $10 was then removed from the sale prior to saving the transaction leaving a ticket of $50 to collect. We then paid the outstanding check with the gift card reducing the gift card from $60 to $10 and the bill was completely paid. This was due in part to the process of loading the gift card prior to payment of the check. If the process could be reversed and the card be loaded after payment would alleviate this issue. Possibly with print receipt and then load gift card after the collection of the payment for the gift card.

The receipt and back end action log (old reports) did not show the $10 in the system. It showed a sale of $50 the payment of $50 but no $10 transaction as it was removed before the ticket was saved, but the card was loaded with $60 value and had $10 remaining after all of the steps above were performed even though the $10 was never actually sold, reported or collected.

In addition I don't see a way to check the balance on a gift card on the iPad without going through the checkout process. Being able to select a menu option and swipe a gift card or enter the number and have it show the remaining balance would be nice.

I think the work you are doing on this is great but there are a few adjustments that could be made to remove the risk of using Lavus in system gift cards.

Using Lavu 3.0.4 and LLS when this was posted.


Pilars Martini



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