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"Best Sellers" and "Sales by Item" quantities does not match




My business partner and I were trying to see what food item we have sold in the last month and kept coming up with different numbers for the same day and item. She was using "Sales by Item" and I was using "Best Sellers".  


So for example we were trying to see how many Burgers, Pork Chop Sand., and Backyard Birds we sold on the 10th of July. I attached two screenshots of the reports. I highlighted the same category in both reports and as you can see they are totally different.


Is this happening to anyone else? Which report should we use and why are they conflicting?


Any help would be appreciated.







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Hello JC,


I feel that it would be best if you emailed support@poslavu.com for assistance in this matter; we do not want to discuss account specific issues like this for privacy reasons. However, our support staff is fully capable of handling this type of question.




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