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Best practices for upgrading POSLavu or iOS


Below you will find some advice on upgrading POSLavu and iOS. The ideas found below should be considered for any piece of mission critical software, not just POSLavu.

Upgrading to the latest version of iOS and POSLavu is always a good idea. Making sure you are running the latest version provides you with the latest features, enhancements and security updates. With that being said, you must always remember that these devices are critical to your business, this is mission critical software, care must be taken to make sure that any updates are not going to have unexpected issues that may negatively effect your operations. Both Apple and POSLavu go to great lengths to test their software before releasing it but it is impossible to catch every issues every time.

Below you will find some suggestions to help you minimize any risks from upgrading. These suggestions go for POSLavu and iOS upgrades.

1. Wait. Unless you are experiencing a major issue that is fixed by the new version you should wait a few days after the release before upgrading. If any major issues do pop up you they will most likely be caught before you upgrade.

2. Install the upgrade on one device first (EX: One iPad and one iPod). Give it a once over, make sure everything seems to be working correctly. Use that device for a day or two and make sure it works as expected before upgrading your other devices. If there are any big issues you will still have your other devices functioning correctly.

3. Make sure that your staff is instructed to alert you about any problems immediately. Common sense would dictate that they would alert you to any issues... but that does not always happen.

What should you do if you experience an issue after upgrading? Below you will find a few self help tips, they are not in any specific order but give you some ideas depending on what problems you are having.

A. Power the device off and the back on. Sometimes a reboot is all that is needed.

B. For a problem with an iOS upgrade try restoring the device and setting up as new.

C. For a problem with a POSLavu upgrade try deleting the app and re installing it.

D. Sometimes reloading the settings in POSLavu is all that is needed.

E. Check these forums. If others are having trouble as well you may find some useful information posted.

F. For a POSLavu issue submit a support ticket by going to support.poslavu.com/open.php.


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