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We (and many other bars/restaurants) use a Berg Liqour control system. It automatically pours drinks, and can automatically ring those drinks into supported registers. We are currently evaluating new POS(es) and I think Lavu would be a great option. However, our investment in the Berg system was substantial - so anything we chose absolutely has to integrate. I would love to use Lavu if we could get Berg integration. Its huge in helping us reduce liqour waste, drink giveaways, and speeds up our serving. automatic ringing from Berg -> Lavu would be fantastic!


I understand that it would likely require an LLS - which would be fine by me.






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Hello Mikem,


We here at Lavu are always interested to read about other products potential and current customers use. However, despite Berg Liquor Control System appearing to be a good addition to a future Lavu version, it is not currently something that can be worked into our development pipeline.


I thank you for bringing them to our attention.

Thank you.


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