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  3. Disabling Users.

    We need an inactive user list versus having both active and inactive showing up in the backend screen. Has this been requested or is it already possible?
  4. Tips pooling calculator

    We have tried a few different spreadsheets/forms for tips and tip outs. Anyone willing to share theirs?
  5. manage tips

    I am not able to see the screen shot. Is it possible to repost or send to me?
  6. How is this report used?
  7. Serial Tracking for Items

    We sell kegs of beer from our brewery. The keg has a serial number on it. How would you track those numbers in POSLavu? Is there a way that we can enter a serial number for an item when it is added to a ticket? Some trick we can use with forced modifiers?
  8. Save report as PDF

    Hi Perhaps Lavu team can add report that can be exported to PDF file. Thanks
  9. Designing receipt template

    Hi! I am not 100% sure what you mean by "design (your) own receipt", but you can modify your receipt appearances in Basic Location Settings and Company Settings in the Control Panel. In Basic Location Settings, you can change what company information prints on your receipts. Each of the text fields are open, so you can enter whatever you like (or nothing at all). For more information about Basic Location Settings, click here. You can also add your company logo to your customer receipts by adding it to Company Settings. Click here for more information about adding your company logo. Please note, you need to have "Include company logo on receipts" enabled in the Printers / KDS section of the Control Panel. Always remember to Reload Settings in the Lavu App on all devices running Lavu in order for the changes to take effect. Let us know if you have more questions!
  10. Designing receipt template

    Hi Can we design our own receipt? Couldn't find it in support area. Thanks
  11. Hello! Thank you for your question this morning. Lavu does not currently have a means of presenting a thousand's separator on the item price. However, I have submitted this to our Product Team for further exploration and potential implementation in the future. This is logged as FR7546. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
  12. Hi Been playing around with Lavu and like it so far. But can we add thousand seperator on the item price printed on the receipt? Thanks
  13. RFID reader

    We have a video of the RFID reader below. It does require the smart printer to work and we will give a partial credit if you return your Epson T88V there is a demand for refurbished. RFID Video You can purchase the reader and the smart printer on our online store MPI Store Link
  14. Converting Epson printers used with Aloha and Micros to Lavu

    Video of doing the conversion
  15. Has anyone ever tried to use Square or something cheaper like them and just close each square transaction out on Lavu to something created called "square cc"? I am desperately trying to stop paying $1,000 a month to CC fees.
  16. Square Monthly Fee

    Has anyone ever tried to use Square or something cheaper like them and just close each square transaction out on Lavu to something created called "square cc"? I am desperately trying to stop paying $1,000 a month to CC fees.
  17. Any elegant implementations of Lavu toGO out there?

    We did a video on Lavu To Go set up, ordering and taking payment. Lavu TOGO Video -Reach Out to Us with any Questions 800-518-5020 MPI Store Site
  18. Why is Support so slow at the moment? For sure you no longer have 24/7 as for last few days my tickets are hardly being answered... I even called, no answer. We are 9 hrs ahead of NM but have never had issues getting email support, usually very promptly This time its been very frustrating. I have urgent LLS upgrade work and its like Lavu are either understaffed or something else.... And Lavu never sends any kind of email to its customers re new features/enhancements/company news/roadmaps - NOTHING a routing extension thing, we have to find out about it randomly. You get a new CEO, we find out randomly Communications should be drastically improved
  19. RFID reader

    I saw this on Zephyr Hardware and very interested. Does anyone have experience with RFID and Epson printer? thank you
  20. Customer-facing display?

    Lavu has since added this for Ipad mini. Below are two videos of the display in action and how to set it up. If you have questions or need the customer facing stands check out our online store. Customer Facing Demo Customer Facing set up on Mini MPI LAVU Specialist Team 800-518-5020 MPI Store Click Here
  21. Tip Update Failure

    If you are having issues with tip adjustment and are getting an error message, I would call into the support line so troubleshooting can be done. 855-528-8457.
  22. Kitchen printer assignments are based on menu categories. However, you have the ability to use kitchen printer assignments so that way all orders from a terminal/terminals go to a specific printer which is designated.
  23. Is it possible to assign a Kitchen Printer to a room so all orders from just that room go to the printer assigned to that room?
  24. Blacklist / block customer

    A work around here is using the customer database to quickly identify the customer. For Pizza or Togo clients we recommend using the customer data base and entering at least First name, last name, phone number and email. (If delivering also get address) This will allow you to quickly search for the customer as they are calling in by entering the last 4 of their phone number and can say "hello John can I help you today". You know who is calling even before picking up the phone or you know you need to key this customer in. To blacklist you then start the first and last name with "(DONT SERVE)" allows your staff to see that right away. Also if you turn on "How did you hear about us" in the database you can put the reason for blacklist there. If you need any additional help feel free to reach out to us. MPI LAVU Sales Team Lavu Specialist 800-518-5020 MPI Online Store
  25. Coffee/Drink stickers like Starbucks

    Two ply paper sticks better to the cups as it is thinner and will still give the drink maker a copy as well. We have looked at a label printer from Epson that will print a sticky label. The cost is $495 retail and cost for a roll of label paper runs about $0.03 per receipt, so it becomes costly. If you still are interested reach out and we will order for you. MPI Lavu Sales Team Lavu Specialist 800-518-5020 MPI Online Store
  26. Can Lavu sell item by units of time? (e.g. billiards table)

    We have had a customer do something like this. You will use a timer app on the Ipad and using the open item button on Lavu enter the time. If you have more questions feel free to reach out. MPI Lavu Sales Team 1-800-518-5020 MPI Store
  27. Tip Update Failure

    We've never had the tip feature enabled as we are a limited service restaurant. After various requests we enabled signature capture and tip entry on the signature screen so we could test the function. Every time we try to add a tip from the signature screen we get an error saying Tip Update Failure - The payment gateway returned an error - Invalid transaction type. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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